My very lovely afternoon out in Tehran

I was a bit nervous about filming in Iran because it’s a strict Muslim country and I’d read that you can be arrested for photographing government buildings. It turns out I needn’t have worried because my enduring memory of Tehran will be it’s friendly people. And I’m not just saying that to be nice, I really mean it. The people in Tehran were warm, welcoming, helpful, smiley and just incredibly lovely. It reaffirmed to me something I already knew. All of us on this planet are essentially the same. Despite our differences in religion, colour, gender and sexuality the vast majority of us want each other to be happy. I know this might sound simplistic, but I’ve spent years travelling the globe and meeting different people and, despite what the headlines, media and politicians would have us believe, I think we are all connected by the common desire to live in a safe, peaceful and loving world.

In this video I visit Golestan Palace, one of Tehran’s popular tourist sights, and the Grand Bazaar which is popular with locals and tourists. I’d heard that the driving in Iran could be hair-raising but it wasn’t too scary!

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