Singapore. No chewing gum or free love!

Singapore is multiracial, multicultural and multi-religious so why not have equal legal rights for LQBT people?

Leaving the shopping malls behind, I head for Chinatown to discover the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum and the Sri Mariamman Temple which is Singapore’s oldest Hindu temple.

I’ve been in two minds about posting this latest video because it’s six minutes long and I spend a good few of them crapping on about stuff and voicing my opinion. To quote Lilly Allen, ‘Got an opinion, yeah, you’re well up for slating’. But because I’m fed up with the doomsday headlines, and because I experience love and kindness nearly everywhere I go, I’ve decided to share the good news.

I’m getting braver and a teeny-weeny bit more accomplished. The one in Tehran has received thousands of views and loads of positive comments. I suppose I’ve got nothing to lose.

The vlogging idea originally came from my lovely friend Shawn as a way to generate traffic to my writer’s website and promote Purple. Purple is (ultimately) a story about the citizens of Planet Earth choosing to live in peace and harmony with nature and each other…so it made sense to try and link the two together by demonstrating this on my travels. Thanks to all of you who’ve been complementary, it’s really appreciated. 

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