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Purple The Book

Can the citizens of Planet Earth find a way to live together in peace and harmony?
After a purple storm sweeps around the planet stealing millions of people, four teenagers find themselves alone in London...

Drawn together by a series of bizarre coincidences, Ellie, Midge, Scott and Marty soon find themselves entangled with a bunch of interfering pensioners. Among the cast of players are flamboyant hairdresser Mr Rupert, Pearl the loud-mouthed tea lady, and June, a psychic, who travels the world on her motorbike.

As the tranquillizing effects of the Purple diminish, greed and the lust for power take hold. Penny Treasure, leader of the Decision Makers Council, dreams up an idea that could destroy the world forever.

In a desperate hunt to find the missing, clues are pieced together and some shocking secrets come tumbling out of the closet.

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8 Questions for graham

Q. Where can I buy Purple?

A. Purple is available from all Amazon stores worldwide

Q. In what format is Purple available?

A. Purple is available in eBook and Paperback

Q. What’s Purple about?

A. A purple storm steals everyone aged eighteen to sixty-five. The young have the drive and energy to solve the mystery, but it’s the oldies who have the wisdom and skills. Together they go on a mission to find the missing.

Q. When is your next novel out?

A. Good question! I’m on chapter ten of my latest novel. I’m a perfectionist so it probably won’t be finished until sometime next year. If you sign up to my mailing list I’ll let you know when it’s available

Q How long have you been working as cabin crew?

A Twenty-six years (gulp)

Q Where are your favourite places to visit?

A New York, San Francisco, Hong Kong

Q Are you a travel writer?

A I don’t write travel guides or stories about my travels. Travelling definitely inspires my writing and I often write when I’m sleepless in hotel rooms. I recently started vlogging when I’m traveling

Q What’s your next novel about?

A It’s a story about a boy who has the courage to follow his dreams and desires and live a meaningful, authentic life

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A great first book, I read it on holiday and thoroughly enjoyed the story line and the way it was written. A great basic idea with different levels of engagement running through it, lots of social comment for younger readers to think about! I will certainly be telling my nephews and neices about it. Congratulations!

Janet Baker
Janet Baker Amazon Review Amazon

This is one of the most original stories I’ve read. I loved the quirky characters that brought the story to life. Purple keeps the reader on their toes with twists and turns to the plot. A thoroughly entertaining read, ideal for teenagers their parents and their parents parents!

Annette Gale
Annette Gale Amazon Review Amazon